A warm hello from Sean at Fancy Yourself Fiddling!

  • First lesson free! Lessons now available in Maldon Vic. 3463

  • No musical experience or instrument needed. You don't need to read music to get started. Learn by ear! Sean Kenan's 'Fancy Yourself Fiddling' music school is based in Maldon 3463 Victoria Australia and specialises in instructing adults in the art of fiddle playing. You don't have to ever have played violin or fiddle previously. Take home loan instruments are available so you don't even have to purchase a fiddle to get started. Adults with no previous musical experience can learn the fiddle.
Many of Sean's students took up the fiddle later on in life and achieved success on this challenging instrument.
Lessons now available in Maldon which is a located in the Victorian Goldfields near Castlemaine. 

"Thanks again for the great lessons, I thought they were absolutely ideal for the intermediate player. Concentration on fiddle technique hits the spot for players like me perfectly"
Geoff MacArthur
I really enjoyed the Fiddle Weekend, it’s made me want to play even more!"
Colum Hickey

Upcoming Events
Fiddle Group Meetings 2017
First Saturday of each month.
3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
72 Church Street Maldon Vic 3463
Sean's fiddle students play tunes they are working on.
The student sessions are followed by an Irish session at the Kangaroo Hotel Maldon from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.
Dates for 2018
First Saturday of each month starting March 2018.

"Thanks for the Fiddle Camp. I think the tutors were great and the programme and numbers really good. It was a bit like a fiddle boot-camp in terms of accelerated learning."
Peter Middleton

"I had a great time, learned some great tunes and picked up some good tips."
Dan Simpson

"I had a great time. The main attraction for me was the intensiveness of a full weekend of playing Irish music with like minded people. Was nice to catch up with fellow previous fiddle campers also. Keep up the good work. "
Phil Sell

Fiddle Quotes
"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought."
Thomas Beecham

"The violin is one of the most beautiful artifacts ever created by man and one of the most elusive to handle. It is this elusiveness that adds to its magic, for unless you become its slave the violin will take its revenge and withold its manifold voices and you will be left holding a lovely piece of musical furniture, offended and inert."
Yehudi Menuhin (1916 - 1999 )

"For over a third of a century I have been waiting, watching, hoping and praying, that God might inspire some Irishman, or association of Irishmen, to collect and publish just such a work as "The Music of Ireland"- the grand old music-the weird, wild and mournful reel tunes that entranced me when a child, a youth, and a man, in the street or barn, at the bonfire or on the hilltop; the music, the never to be forgotten strains that often alternately flame or freeze-that made me when a child, sitting beneath the fiddler's chair, weep with delight or sadness, a condition of mind impossible to describe."
Patrick O'Leary writing to O'Neill about his collection of Irish melodies (1903)

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