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Two Fiddles Arrangements of traditional Irish tunes for two violins by Sean Kenan.

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Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Polkas, Slides and Airs in large easy to read format. This book is sturdy and has lay flat Pro-Click binding. Two players can easily read the music in playing position. Authentic Irish style bowings included plus technique pages with exercises and notes on ornamentation. These tunes have melody on one side and harmony or lower octave part on other side of page. All parts can be played and sound complete when played solo. Guitar chords included for many of the tunes. These arrangements can be used for tune variations for solo players.

Fiddler Magazine Review:

'Sean Kenan's "Irish Fiddle Music: Two Fiddles" is a useful book for the beginner/intermediate player who has some ability to read, and wishes to play with a friend in something other than the usual purely melody focused manner. Most of the pieces are arranged in octaves which is a technique found both in Kerry and especially in Donegal style playing. If one wants to build up the skill to play in octaves, this is a good place to start. There are harmonies written for some of the pieces, and some of those are quite lovely and unusual. Kenan also includes tips on ornamentation, which beginning players could find quite useful.The book is well laid out and  easy to read. It contains  seventy three  interesting and accessible jigs, reels, hornpipes, slides, polkas and airs, including a few gems which, though from non-Irish sources, one might hear played at a good Irish session.'

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